95 €/day



Casa Lucía is groundfloor (45 sqm) and has a terrace of approx. 30 m2 with view into the garden.
The house is divided as follows:
Living-room with two built beds, in the size of 0,80 m x 2.00 m, living-room, kitchen, WC with shower, inner court and a double bedroom in the Spanish style. Smart-T.V. and satellite dish.

In the bedroom a double bed is in the size 1.60 m x 2,00 m. (2 mattresses 0.80 m x 2.00 m).

The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, cooling freezing cabinet, coffee machine, microwave, iron and ironing board, pots, pans.
Table-ware, cutlery and glasses for 4 persons.
The apartment has air-conditioning (cool/warm).
This house is particularly suitable for owners of animal, since the terrace is enclosed.


Prize information:
for 4 persons


Eastern 24.03/24 31/03/24 2 days 130 €
July 22/06/24 31/07/24 3 days 130 €
August 01/08/24 30/08/24 3 days 160 €
Low Saison 01/04/24 21/06/24 3 days 95 €
September 01/09/24 30/09/24 3 days 95 €


During the stay in Finca Doña Sofía María, the following rules must be respected so
that all guests enjoy their stay.
Prices per house per day, VAT included.
entry time will be from 5pm to 7pm and the exit time before 12pm.
The price includes bed linen, towels, final cleaning and free Wi-Fi. It also includes the
rental of the house and the shared use of all the services of the property (within the
agreed hours).
On arrival at Finca Doña Sofía María, the rent plus a deposit of 100 € must be paid.
The identity data of all guests are required at check-in. The number of guests per
house cannot exceed the number of places booked in advance. The guest must leave the accommodation and the common facilities in the same
condition in which they found them. In case some damage takes place it will be
deducted of the deposit.
Parking on our premises: 10 €/day/car. Cars must be parked in the designated area.
Finca Doña Sofía María does not take any responsibility for possible damages or
accidents in the parking areas. The maximum speed is 5 km/h. When the luggage
has been unloaded, the car must be parked in the designated area. Always lock the
entrance gate with key for the safety of all (always one turn of the key). It is strictly forbidden to charge all types of electric vehicles or batteries, etc. on the Finca Doña Sofia Maria network.

Air conditioning:
Each house is equipped with air conditioning. Before switching on the air
conditioner, make sure all windows and doors are closed. Turn off the air
conditioner when you are not in your house and help us to protect the
Garbage bags can be left outside the enclosure. There are waste containers on the
right and left. It is possible to recycle at the Green Point 200m to the left.
Self-service coin-operated
washing machine. Price: 3 €/ washing machine. Use
liquid detergent. Opening hours: 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm.
Smoking is not allowed inside, in accordance with the anti-smoking law 42/2010.
Smoking is allowed outside the houses.
In some houses an extra bed can be added: 15 €/day/person. Baby cots are
available on request.
Opening hours: 11am to 23pm. Please leave the barbecue area in the same
condition as you find it. Use charcoal. Always be careful with the fire. For the good of
all maintain an acoustic order.
swimming pool is private, its use is given to the guests who wish it, assuming
the responsibility of any accident that could occur. The swimming pool is open from Easter to the end of September.
It is forbidden to enter and try to touch the animals in the enclosure, as well as to
feed them by hand. The animals may have violent reactions. Finca Doña Sofía María
is not responsible for any damage caused by the animals if the rules are not respected.
Do not leave children without adult supervision. Finca Doña Sofía María does not
take any responsibility for possible damages or accidents.
Pets are allowed. Fee: 30 €/pet/stay (1 pet/house). Pets must be kept on a leash
when leaving the house. The owner of the pet assumes full responsibility for any
damage, both material and personal, that it may cause. Dogs of dangerous breeds
must wear a muzzle. Please pick up after your pet.
General rules: Please respect the peace and quiet of everyone, especially at night.
To avoid misunderstandings:
The use of the facilities is exclusively for guests staying at the Finca.
No outside visitors are allowed to enter the premises.
Parties are not allowed.