Relaxation …. from the beginning !!


Andrea Hopmann, Masajista Diplomada

Rest and relaxation in our massage pavilion!

  • Relax with an outdoor relaxation massage in our massage pavilion on the Finca Doña Sofia Maria in San Pedro del Pinatar
  • Treat yourself to a massage with your partner or meet up with friends and relax for a few hours on our Finca.
  • Relax at home. We transform your at home in your private spa. Enjoy a relaxing massage, you can be transported to a world of flavors and fragrances. Whether citrus, lavender, rose, mint or ylang-ylang, each fragrance enhances individual well-being and acting on the body and mind. Simply book and we come in your home or property, incl. massage table, selected oils, relaxing music and all that implies.
  • Enjoy a massage in our studio in Orihuela-Costa.
  • A special gift idea! Mobile Massage and Outdoor relaxation massage on the Finca Doña Sofia Maria, a gift which arrives!


Book your massage at an introductory price !!!
A free invitation for a coffee and a tasty homemade piece of cake. Full Body Massage (45min.) only 20€.

We are open from 11:00am to 13:00am. As our massages are very well received, we ask you in time agreed with us an appointment, at your home, on the finca and in Orihuela-Costa (Las Filipinas).

Andrea (+34) 630 374 591



Benefits of Massage

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Help and reduce stress
  • It helps muscles to maintain flexibility
  • It helps release endorphins, producing welfare and combating pain.
  • It helps reduce fat deposits (along with balanced diet and sport)
  • Combart helps depression and negative moods states .
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Promotes concentration.
  • Improves skin condition.



  • Relaxing body massage:

Full body relaxation massage with almond oil and essential oils.
This massage is used to produce the balance between body and mind.
A real treat for the senses.
Duration: 90 min. Price: 50 €


  • Head and face massage:

The head is the central nervous system and this massage is designed to reflect this. The combination of gentle movements, stretching and subtle digital printing, eliminates tension and stress, improves concentration and circulation.
Ideal for headaches, migraines, tension in the shoulders or neck.
Duration: 45 min. Price: 30 €


  • Psychosomatic Massage:

A very relaxing massage, sensory and spiritual experience.
The massage with sweet almond oil and essential oils.
With calming effect at stress and promotes mental well-being.
A full body massage with a final head and face massage.
Duration: 90 min. Price: 50 €.


  • Relaxing leg and back massage:

Relaxing massage of legs and back. Dissolves tensions in our body.
45 min. Price: 30 €.


  • Foot massage:

Our feet are a very important part of our body. You assume the entire body weight. This massage can promote blood circulation and relieves discomfort.
45 min. Price: 30 €.


  • Massage for tired legs:

Revitalizes tired feet and legs. Helps to improve the energy flow in the legs.
Stimulates circulation.
45 min. Price: 30 €.


A good massage is like a getaway!
Our massages are performed in our garden oasis, the Massage Pavilion in San Pedro del Pinatar.  We are also in Orihuela-Costa (Las Filipinas).
On request, a massage is also possible in your holiday property.